Who is this Handsome Fella?


First I would like to thank you for visiting my website and having an interest in my art.



Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Axel Marrero, born in Red Bank, NJ but raised on the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. Since I was little I’ve been creatively-inclined.  My parents told me that I used to come up with the most imaginative stories and creations. But my plan wasn't always to work in the television and film industry. First, I wanted to be an astronaut. For a first grade event celebrating what we wanted to be when we grew up, my mom made for me this awesome astronaut suit. But then I started watching movies and decided that being an astronaut is dangerous. Thanks, Apollo 13!


When it was time to actually choose a career path I ended deciding to be an engineer like my dad. And I actually liked it. It was great to think that after 5 years (That is how long the engineering program is in Puerto Rico) I would be creating awesome inventions and trying to  make the world a better place. Then, while in engineering school I took an independent film appreciation class. Watching the first Clerks and learning how Kevin Smith pulled it off intrigued me.


“I want to do that” I thought to myself.


For the final project we had the option to write a paper about what we learned the entire semester or make a short film. I decided to make a short film. It wasn’t my finest work. Seriously, it was only something a college kid would find funny; let’s just say that my mom never saw it for subject matter reasons. The next semester I choose to take public speaking where the final project was to make a presentation trying to sell a product. I once again got the option to create a short film.  This is when I started falling in love with this “Filmmaking” stuff. This was also the time I decided that engineering school really wasn’t for me.  I had to follow my heart and go into filmmaking.


I started researching to try to make a good argument for why I should change my career path to my parents. I presented it and they actually supported me in my decision. I then got the opportunity to attend Full Sail University in Florida.


Those two years at Full Sail were the best two years of my young life. I learned so much and built an awesome network of friends. I also helped create amazing work to the point that we were the first class to use pyrotechnics in their final film project. After graduating I moved to New Jersey where I started working in different types of productions. I worked as Production Assistant for short films, commercials, and music videos. Most of my professional career was spent as an editor at a local independent TV station. After that I met a wonderful Wedding Cinematographer who took me in and taught me everything he knows. I’m happy working as a wedding cinematographer. I make people happy with my work and I get to do what I love for a living. After training under him for several years, he gave me his blessing and I created Axel Marrero Studios.  My goal is to provide couples with a wedding film they deserve.  A wedding film that let’s people know who they are instead of just showing pretty images.